Public Enterprises Department

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Strategy Paper on PE Reforms

With a view to elicit public opinion, a draft Strategy Paper was prepared and released to public on 31-01-2001. The preparation of draft Strategy Paper itself consisting of wide consultations with Managing Directors of State Level Public Enterprises and Cooperatives and administrative Secretaries concerned. The draft Strategy Paper was discussed both at Dist. Level Workshops and at State Level Workshops to enable wide participation of various Trade Union Leaders, an exclusive meeting has been organized on 08-02-2001.

The main objectives in preparing the Strategy Paper were:

  • Draw lessons and share experience on public sector reform and privatisation in the state;
  • Raise substantial issues involved in formulating an operational privatisation policy for the state;
  • To have public debate, understanding and support for privatisation;
  • For the purpose of this SLPEs include Cooperatives in which Government has majority share holding

The Strategy paper was formally released before press and public by Sri K. Vidyadhar Rao, Honorable Minister for Major Industries on 13-2-2001.

The Strategy Paper was revised keeping in view the Phase II of Reforms during February 2002.