Public Enterprises Department

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Transparent and Credible Process established

The Public Enterprise Reform Program in Andhra Pradesh has gained significant Credibility for the procedures adapted in carrying out various transactions. This is what experts in various fields have to say about the process established:

In Nizam Sugars Case the Honorable High Court of AP, in its Judgment said:

"after examining the decision making process at every stage in light of the Invitation For Proposals (IFP) relating to privatisation of four units of Nizam Sugars Limited, the Court is satisfied that the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Implementation Secretariat have procured the best market price and have chosen a superior proposal to the unsolicited proposal as well as Best and Final Proposal of GELCON"

A Pitse, Chief Executive of Foskor Ltd., a South Africa based Company has praised the Implementation Secretariat, which handled the GFCL disinvestment stating:

"The entire procedure has been exemplary. We believe the GFCL's disinvestment method has put in place a reliable roadmap; there are definite lessons to be learnt for other future disinvestment initiatives in India"

The World Bank in its review report of May'03 states:

The PE Reform Program in AP continues to make impressive progress

Progress in the PE Reform program is beyond target and the challenge for the Government is to maintain the momentum

Good progress has also been made in the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) and the Social Safety Net Program (SSNP) linked to the PE Reform Program

Redeployment rate of VRS opted employees, has been about 35%, a number which is considered good based on the experience from privatisation programmes elsewhere.