Public Enterprises Department

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West Godavari, Guntur Cane Farmers to reap Privatisation benefits - Dtd.31st Dec.2003



Rejoinder to Andhra Bhoomi on news item published on 22.12.2003 titled "Sahakaara Chekkara Factorylaku marinta nashtam" - Dtd.23rd Dec.2003



Press Statement issued by Sri. Yenamala Ramakrishnudu, Finance Minister & Chairman of the Cabinet Sub Committee on Disinvestment of AP Paper Mills Ltd. - Dtd.17th Dec.2003



GoAP strategy pays off yet again in AP Paper Mill stake sale - Dtd.12th Dec.2003





Sale of three Cooperative Sugar units at Kovur, Jampani and Amadalavalasa cleared - Dtd.29th Oct.2003


Price bids for Amadalavalasa Cooperative Sugars Ltd., opened - Dtd.28th Oct.2003


Three in race for Amadalavalasa Cooperative Sugar Unit - Dtd.27th Oct.2003


Price bids for Kovur and Jampani Cooperative Sugar Mills opened - Dtd.24th Oct.2003


Two in race for Kovur Cooperative Sugar Unit - Dtd.22nd Oct.2003


Three buyers show interest in NVR Cooperative Sugars, Jampani - Dtd.20th Oct.2003



Sale of four Cooperative Sugar Units cleared (Chittoor, Sri Venkateshwara, Nizamabad and West Godavari) - Dtd.14th Oct.2003



Bidders cast their vote of confidence in AP Sugar sector - Dtd.10th Oct.2003



Encouraging response for sale of 3 Cooperative Sugar Mills at Amudalvalasa, Nizamabad and West Godavari - Dtd.7th Oct.2003



Price bids for three Cooperative Sugar Mills at Kovur, Chittoor and Sri Venkateshwara Coop Sugars opened by IS - Dtd.4th Oct.2003



UP Cements among three interested for GoAP's stake in HIL - Dtd.25th Sept.2003



Bids invited for GoAP's stake in Hyderabad Industries Limited - Dtd.18th Sept.2003



Disinvestment process in 4 listed companies completed - Dtd.10th. Sept.2003



Stake sale in four listed companies cleared, State to garner Rs. 75 crores - Dtd.4th Sept.2003



LIC makes highest offer for TELCO stake in Re-bidding - Dtd.3rd Sept.2003



Revised bids invited from bidders for GoAP's TELCO stake - Dtd.2nd Sept.2003




Disinvestment of GoAP shareholding in listed companies - IS bid process strategy pays off - Dtd.29th Aug.2003



Seven bidders in fray for stake in Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company (VST) - Dtd.20th Aug.2003



Overwhelming response to GoAP's invitation for disinvestment in 5 listed companies - Dtd.18th Aug.2003



Date for registering interest for GoAP's disinvestment in listed companies extended - Dtd.14th Aug.2003



Encouraging response to GoAP disinvestment in 5 listed companies - Dtd.8th Aug.2003



Disinvestment of GoAP shares in 5 companies in one and a half month - Dtd.2nd Aug.2003



Chief Minister receives Rs. 102.67 Crores cheque for Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited - Dtd.12th July 2003



Government of Andhra Pradesh and Coromandal Fertilizers, ink Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited Agreement - Dtd.12th July 2003



Sale and Purchase Agreement for Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited to be signed on 12.7.2003 - Dtd.11th July 2003



Cabinet Sub Committee approves Coromandal Fertilizers Limited as preferred bidder for GFCL shares - Dtd.4th July 2003


Decks cleared for Godavari Fertilizers and Chimecals Limited disinvestment - Dtd.2nd July 2003


Five Rural Electricity Supply Cooperatives (RESCO) wound up - Dtd.1st July 2003


5 Bids received for Disinvestment of Government of Andhra Pradesh's (GoAP's) 25.88% equity shareholding in Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (GFCL) - Dtd.21st June 2003


Rejoinder to the news item under the caption "Taajaga sherlu konte bidlu chellavu" published in Telugu daily Eenadu dated: 21.6.2003 - Dtd.21st June 2003


Bid process for sale of shares by GoAP in GFCL is treated as Disinvestment under SEBI Regulations - Dtd.19th June 2003


AP Government decide to restructure AP State Warehousing Corporation (APSWC) - Dtd.12th June 2003


AP Government decide to restructure AP State Film Television and Theatre Development Corporation Ltd. (APSFTDC) - Dtd.12th June 2003


Disinvestment of AP Government's stake in 8 listed companies in Advanced Stage - Dtd.11th June 2003


Sale of 8,78,603 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each of Voltas Limited held by Government of Andhra Pradesh - Dtd.10th June 2003


Rejoinder to news item appearing in telugu news paper Andhra Prabha dt. 9.5.03, on Disinvestment proposals of Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., titled "Veyyi Kotla Godavari 40 Kotlake, Yenduke Neekintha Thondara" - Dtd.9th May 2003


Cabinet Sub Committee ratifies reform plans for State Warehousing Corporation & RESCOs - Dtd.8th May 2003


Cabinet Sub Committee approves disinvestment schedule for Godavari Fertilisers - Dtd.2nd May 2003


IS clarifies on charges leveled against sale of Latchayyapeta Sugar Mill to Praja Shakti - Dtd.28th Jan.2003


IS clarifies on charges leveled against sale of Latchayyapeta Sugar Mill to Andhra Bhoomi - Dtd.28th Jan.2003




PE Reforms in Andhra Pradesh on Fast track - Dtd.27th Dec.2002

Palair Cooperative Sugar Mill formally handed over to  Madhucon Sugars Ltd - Dtd.25th Nov.2002

IS clarifies on charges leveled against privatization of  Coop Sugar Mills - Dtd.9th Nov.2002

Seven bids received for three Cooperative Spinning  Mills - Dtd.31st Oct.2002

Two bids received for Anakapalle Cooperative Sugar Mill - Dtd.29th Oct.2002

Cane farmers lay out red carpet for privatizing Palair  Cooperative Sugar Mill - Dtd.24th Oct.2002

CSC approves bids for Mombojipalli Distillery - Dtd.5th Oct.2002

Higher bids received for re-advertised cooperative  sugar mills - Dtd.16th Sept.2002

12 bids received for 5 cooperative sugar mills - Dtd.11th Sept.2002

CSC approves bid for Chittoor coop sugars, Spinfed to  be liquidated, AP Seeds to be restructured - Dtd.9th Sept.2002

IS receives 19 registrations for five cooperative sugar  mills - Dtd.6th Sept.2002

Joint Venture agreement signed between NSL and Delta Sugars - Dtd.31st Aug.2002

Sale of Cooperative Spinning Mills - Pre-bid conference  organized - Dtd.28th Aug.2002

Goldstone writ petition dismissed. Government, Delta  JV for NSL cleared for takeoff - Dtd.23rd Aug.2002

CSC approves highest bids for two cooperative sugar  mills - Dtd.22nd Aug.2002

IS clarifies on reform exercises for Cooperative Sector - Dtd.12th Aug.2002

Computer courses offered by APEDC - certain  clarifications issued - Dtd.7th Aug.2002

Adilabad Spinning Mill springs back to life after  privatisation - Dtd.23rd July 2002

Twenty one bidders in fray for seven cooperative sugar mills - Dtd.15th July 2002

Sale of Cooperative Sugar Mills - Pre-bid conference  organized - Dtd.10th July 2002  

CSC approves sale of seven cooperative sugar mills - 19th June 2002

Rejoinder to reports on cane farmer's suicide at  Hanuman Junction - Dtd.13th June 2002

Honorable Finance Minister refutes CLP leader charges - Dtd.24th May 2002

Madhunagar Sugar Mill of NSL receives three bids - Dtd.22nd May 2002

Pre-bid conference organized for sale of Madhungar  Sugar mill at Zaheerabad - Dtd.20th May 2002

Honorable Finance Minister's letter to Dr. Y. S.  Rajasekhara Reddy on allegations made on sale of  NSL under Joint Venture - Dtd.6th May 2002

CSC approves preferred bidder for Latchayyapeta  Sugar Mill & Parchur Coop Spg. Mill - Dtd.3rd May 2002

Revised VRS guidelines issued for employees of SLPEs - Dtd.1st May 2002

Government committed to Public Enterprise Reforms - Dtd.20th Apr.2002

Five bids received for sale of assets of Cooperative  Spinning Mills - Dtd.11th Apr.2002

DPMLs offer to run 4 NSL units as Joint Venture  approved by Cabinet Sub Committee - Dtd.3rd Apr.2002

Sale of Cooperative Spinning Mills - Investor Meet  organized - Dtd.26th Mar.2002

Encouraging response for Latchayyapeta Sugar Mill - Dtd.24th Mar.2002

Redeployment opportunities identified for VRS availed  employees across the state - Dtd.4th Mar.2002

Life after Privatization - Satisfied sugar Mill employees  keen on keeping their unit viable - Dtd.3rd Mar.2002

Life after Privatization - Assured payment for cane  growers at Hanuman Junction - Dtd.1st Mar.2002

Best and Final proposals submitted for takeover of  four NSL units - Dtd.11th Jan.2002

Phase II of PE Reforms gets a nod from cabinet - Dtd.4th Jan.2002


Four bids received for Nizam Sugar Unit at  Latchayyapeta - Dtd.30th Mar.2002

ASM Cooperative Mill privatized - Dtd.28th Dec.2001

Surplus land at Rajahmundry Cooperative Spinning Mill  handed over - Dtd.22nd Dec.2001

Rajahmundry Cooperative Spinning Mill privatized - Dtd.15th Dec.2001

AP Cooperative Sugar Mills present a study in contrast

Benefits of privatization start trickling within first three  months of takeover - Dtd.7th Dec.2001


Exclusive release to Times of India on trade union  feedback of Chirala Coop Spinning Mill - Dtd.27th Nov.2001

No scope for questionable methods assert IS officials - Dtd.23rd Nov.2001

Press release on Survey and counseling of 1000 VRS  availed employees - Dtd.6th Nov.2001


Proposed NSL road shows at Delhi, Bangalore and  Mumbai - Dtd.5th Nov.2001


PE Reforms with a Humane Face - Advertorial - Dtd.29th Oct.2001

Adilabad Cooperative Spinning Mill handed over to  private bidder - Dtd.27th Oct.2001

World Bank lauds Public Enterprises Reforms initiative  in AP - Dtd.25th Oct.2001

Sale of Assets of Cooperative Spinning Mills & APTEX -  Prebid conference organized - Dtd.18th Oct.2001

Training opportunities identified for staff of Adilabad  Coop Spinning Mill - Dtd.12th Oct.2001

Door to Door survey of VRS availed employees in twin cities - Dtd.3rd Oct.2001

CSC approves revised bidding process for sale of NSL units - Dtd.1st Oct.2001

Business Accounting course for VRS employees - Dtd.22nd Sept.2001

IS holds hearing of cotton suppliers on sale of 3  cooperative spinning mills - Dtd.18th Sept.2001

Delta Sugars takes over Hanuman Junction Sugar Mill - Dtd.9th Sept.2001

Private owners keen on employment generation - Dtd.7th Sept.2001

Sale of Cooperative Sugar mills - identification of  preferred bidders - Dtd.23rd Aug.2001

Entrepreneurial orientation to VRS employees at  Rajahmundry - Dtd.10th Aug.2001

Chagallu distillery handed over to new owners - Dt.11th July 2001

Keen bidder interest in privatization of Sugar mills - Dtd.2nd July 2001

Sale of cooperative sugar mills - pre-bid conference organized - Dtd.25th June 2001

Enthusiastic response to advertisement of Cooperative Sugar Mills - Dtd.23rd June 2001

IS gets aggressive with privatization of Cooperative Sugar Mills - Dtd.4th June 2001

Sale of three cooperative spinning mills cleared - Dtd.10th May 2001

Communication meeting on NSL privatization - Dtd.2nd May 2001

Chagallu Sale Agreement signed - Dtd.26th April 2001

Government approves sale of three NSL units - Dtd.20th April 2001

Ten bids received for purchase of NSl units - Dtd.26th March 2001

Excellent response to NSL sale advertisement - Dtd.20th March 2001

Seminar organized on "Environmental issues and  Privatization" - Dtd.16th March 2001

Rejoinder to news report in DC "Government bows to  WB, lists 23 PSUs for shutdown" - Dtd.3rd March 2001

Privatization exercise in Andhra Pradesh receives a  major boost - Dtd.24th Jan.2001


Rejoinder to news report in Vaartha "Fraudulent stink  in Bobbili Sugar" - Dtd.9th Jan.2001