Public Enterprises Department

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The Public Enterprise Management Board/Department of Public Enterprises have issued hundreds of orders spreading over 15 years. A volume each has been prepared incorporating the orders for each year. This had become bulky and unwieldy. Then an attempt has been made to condense it into a manual of extracts but that did not prove comprehensive.

Further an effort was made to concentrate on more important orders and even this became a volume of about 600 pages which could not capture some of the important issues of concern such as relationship with Public Undertakings Committee and importance of audit etc. Hence it was considered useful to have one book of guidelines (1991) which captures the essence of all these instructions.

The present book is the modification of the guidelines of 1991 with updation mutatis – mutandis.

There are a number of orders which over a period of time had to be amended or repealed while the others got outdated but not formally repealed. The Government orders and letters have been scanned and as appropriate they are either deleted or modified or incorporated in the guidelines.

Any orders passed by the Government approving the proposed guidelines would imply that the earlier Government orders are either deleted or modified or incorporated.

Important Features:

An important feature is that the guidelines are on Public Enterprises, but not to Public Enterprises. Thus, it establishes clearly the relative roles or the multiple principals involved in the Government as owner viz., Administrative Department, Dept. of Public Enterprises, Finance Department etc. Similarly the variety of agents involved in the enterprises viz., Board of Directors, Chairman, Chief Executives are also assigned appropriate roles.

The guidelines broadly follow the dominant form of public enterprises i.e. those registered under Companies Act, 1956. Others such as statutory corporations and cooperative societies are expected to follow these guidelines in spirit with appropriate notifications to be consistent with their own legal and other requirements.

The present guidelines are applicable to public enterprises under corporate sector and also to cooperative enterprises, in spirit.

Download: Guidelines on Public Enterprises Department