Public Enterprises Department

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The Public Enterprises Department which as the nodal agency for formulation of the policies for Public Enterprises has been regularly publishing an annual report on the performance of 29 State Level Public Enterprises (SLPE’s).

The Performance Report is based on the periodical submitted by the SLPE’s and the database maintained by the Department. This Report of performance for the year 2007-08 presents an analysis of the size and structure of the SLPE’s, the pattern of investment, capital employed, working results, trends in manpower, assets and liabilities, various management ratios as presented in the report of the previous years. The presentation of data is both in aggregate terms for all the 29 enterprises put together as also for individual enterprises. In this Performance Report the study of each of the PE is facilitated with brief write up on each of the PE.

With a view to enabling a better understanding of the current status and the recent performance of all the enterprises, the report for 2007-08 also presents.

  • Reclassified performance data for various functional groups

    • Promotional and Development
    • Trading and Marketing
    • Production and Manufacturing and
    • Service

  • The data relating to profitability, manpower growth and trends in investments for the period from 2003-04 to 2007-08